Izoard Pro Is Best In Test!

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The carbon racer excels in a test in RoadBIKE magazine’s 4.2019 edition with low weight, good climbing characteristics and quality specs.


“For those who like to go fast, the Izoard Pro is just the right bike”, RoadBIKE magazine concludes the test report in its 4.2019 edition about the carbon road bike with Ultegra drivetrain and Fulcrum Racing 600 wheels. In a seven-strong test field of road bikes with rim brakes up to 2,000 Euros it was the one with the best overall package.

RoadBIKE describes a 2,000-Euros bike’s capabilities as follows: One does not need more to have fun for a long time. You might have to compromise at some point, but bikes in the 2,000 Euro category are very close to offer the most bang for the buck.”

The Name Is The Game

The Izoard Pro has just the right qualities for fast ascends like the namesake Alpine pass Col d’Izoard in the French Alps with 2,360 meters (7743 feet) of elevation which was featured multiple times in the course of the Tour de France – “climbing definitely is one of the favourite challenges for the Izoard Pro”.

This is predominantly due to the lowest weight in the test field at 7.8 kg (17.2 pounds) in frame size 56 cm: “None of the tested bikes is lighter. You can immediately feel it when accelerating and climbing.” The low weight of the wheels, their high stiffness and the stiff frame are an invitation to climb and sprint.

The gears chosen for the full Ultegra groupset with semi-compact 52/36 cranks and a cassette including a 32-teeth cog offer a wide range of use – and add to the bike’s sporty character. Just like the seating position: “The rider sits more compact, yet with a bigger saddle-bar drop for optimized aerodynamics. This makes the Izoard Pro popular among competitive riders. In the test categories frame weight, total weight, wheels, specs, acceleration and climbing the Izoard Pro gets the best or some of the best grades –summed up this is good for the test win.

Conclusion: The Izoard Pro scores with competitive riders looking for a light-weight road bike. A convincing performance – test win!