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Stevens Beat 20” Sky Blue

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Produkt beskrivelse

Best Friend and Adventurer.

20 inch or 24 inch – for little cyclists STEVENS puts kids’ bikes on offroad tires and adds necessary sturdiness for endless adventures both at the schoolyard and on the trails. Our experience is incorporated in the smart details like user friendly twist shifters, brake levers with adjustable reach and an arguably record breaking low weight: 9.4kg (20lbs. 12oz./20″), 11.1kg (24lbs. 8oz./24″).


  • Lightweight compact frame w/ low standover height
  • Shimano 7-speed gears
  • Kid-size crank arm length (140 mm), single chainring
  • Ergonomic brake and shift levers
  • Solid, high-quality specs, e.g. with hollow section rims