Stevens E-triton: TESTVINNER

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The nicest thing about touring pedelecs is that you always can chose whether the electric motor or your own legs will do most of the work. That’s how My Bike magazine describes their fascination with touring pedelecs like the STEVENS E-Triton Luxe. Ideally rider and bike are working together like one well-oiled machine. And everything is perfect when a long bike tour does not feel like work at all. So My Bike’s editorial department selected a few special test criteria.

First, there is ride feeling: “The Triton would easily win in a separate comfort category. Fork, tires and parallelogram suspension seatpost iron out the roughest cobblestones“, the editors say at the beginning of the test report. And due to its handling – “the quite upright seating position helps the rider to ride longer tours without getting exhausted” – the E—Triton Luxe fulfilled the most important criteria the editors had set up for touring pedelecs: To make a ride, a day trip or multi-day tour fun, you need a seating position where your arms are resting relaxed on the handlebar grips, which preferably should feature an ergonomic shape, such as those on the E-Triton Luxe.

Then stability was of importance, especially when travelling with luggage: The voluminous downtube, that also incorporates the Bosch PowerTube battery securely and elegantly, provided the E-Triton’s frame with noticeable stiffness. This way the pedelec would ride “confidence-inspiringly stable”. Yet it was nimble and “willingly followed the line commanded by the rider.” Even heavy panniers did not have any significant influence on the well-balanced ride characteristics.

The Bosch Performance CX motor with its 500 Watt-hour battery contributed to the relaxed ride experience and pushed the bike, plus luggage if needed, easily over steep climbs. The Nyon handlebar display by Bosch was very versatile, not only displaying ride data but also functioning as a sat-nav, fitness tracker and providing some mobile phone functions. Craftsmanship was precise as expected and consistently the bike was outfitted with a complete Shimano Deore XT drivetrain and disc brakes. In the sub-categories comfort and drivetrain the E-Triton Luxe scored the most points, and it was among the best in terms of ride safety.

With all its qualities the E-Triton seemingly gives the answer to the question My Bike asked at the beginning of the test: “What is more capable of making one forget the burdens of every-day life than the wind in your face during an extended bike ride?”

Conclusion: “The STEVENS E-Triton is a touring pedelec with lots of qualities suited for every-day use, balanced handling and confidence inspiring specs – Test winner!”

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